Amazing Lego Sculptures: Cool and Unusual Art

Nathan Sawaya is a very unusual artist.

Not only the fact that once a lawyer he decided to persuit his dream and became finally a successfull artist makes him unusual, but also the unique and not artuist-like material that he’s using.

He makes his sculptures not from stone or klay or metal but from toy breaks. Currently it’s possible to see Sawaya’s art in North American museums in an excebition The Art of the Brick.  It’s the unique exhibition that makes LEGO not just a toy, but an art medium for unusual art that combines pop art and surrealism.


My Boy

Magic Hands: Cool and Amazing Pictures

Hands are wonderful instrument given to humans by nature. It’s possible to do truly wonderful things with the help of hands, and we’re talking not only about things we can create or produce with the help of hands, but also about the kind of creativity where hands are the object of creative mind and imagination.

Like American poet of Sweedish origin Siv Cedering wrote:
When I fall asleep
my hands leave me.

They pick up pens
and draw creatures
with five feathers
on each wing.
(full poem you can read at the end of the post)

Wonderful and Cool Staircases Designs

We use them every day, we step on them without even noticing, we’re so used to them that almost don’t pay any attention… Stop! Have a look at our collection of cool and beautiful staircases and get inspired!

The fantasy of their creators made some of the stairs almost pieces of art with their eye-catching curves and designs often unfettered by the laws of physics.