Vegetable Portraits by Arcimboldo

One could think that a painter who uses images of vegetables, animals, books, pots, etc. to create cool portraits is most likely to be one of the modern surrealists, but in fact Guiseppe Arcimboldo lived four centuries ago! But we still appreciate and rediscover the paintings of this Italian master. Vertumnus Summer Winter The Librarian…

Witty Advertisements of Condoms

Safe sex is always better! French ad for condoms prolonging the act. Austrian vision on ultra thin condoms. Happy aunt on Argentinian billboard. Advertisement for those who doesn’t fit to standard sizes. “Be Good.” German ad of condoms to prolong the pleasure. Chinese version of sexual Olympic Games. “Sports make you healthy”. “My mom’s going…

Praise to Men

Being a woman there is one thing I know for sure about you guys: Men are WONDERFUL!!! For real! I am very happy to be a woman, but sometimes I wish I were as smart as many of you guys are. Or as strong or know computers as well as you do! But there are…

10 Commandments

10 commandments of marriage; of course they are not really true : )) Commandment 1. Marriages are made in heaven. But so again, are thunder and lightning. Commandment 2. If you want your wife to listen and pay strict attention to every word you say, talk in your sleep. Commandment 3. Marriage is grand —…

Funny T-shirts (Real)

Everyone sends a message by their choice of cloths. Some of us sometimes take this notion too literally.

Cool t-shirts

Funny t-shirts, really cool
With the amusing print on it you can make smart jokes!
But is it a only joke ? Sometimes a person may actually speak about his real self by those kind of funny things!